Tassen in de SNKR ATELIER winkel

SNKR ATELIER - The exclusive sneaker heaven of Maastricht

Are you looking for a mix of sought after and some of the most exclusive and rare sneakers out there? Then SNKR ATELIER in Maastricht is the store that you should not miss when you visit Maastricht. Located on Nieuwstraat at number 27, this store is worth a visit if you're in the city center.

SNKR ATELIER - Exclusive Sneakers in Maastricht!

This exclusive sneaker store offers a collection of the most coveted shoes from the most sought after brands, including Adidas Yeezy, New Balance Protection pack sneakers, Travis Jordan 1 Low and many more. Whether you're looking for limited edition sneakers or up-and-coming brands, SNKR ATELIER has it all.

The SNKR ATELIER shop window, where the logo is prominently present

SNKR ATELIER is one of the few shops in the South Limburg city of Maastricht that offers similar exclusive sneakers. If you are looking for something unique and special, this is the store to go to when you visit Maastricht.

Sneakers and clothing

At SNKR ATELIER everything revolves around quality and craftsmanship. The store has a selection of the best sneakers from around the world. But the store is much more than that. You can also go here for clothing. SNKR ATELIER also has the latest styles and trends in that area. The range therefore not only includes exclusive shoes, but also clothing and accessories from emerging brands such as Essentials and Seventeen the Brand . Here you will find unique and rare items that you will not find in many stores.

ESSENTIALS, the brand that can also be found in the SNKR ATERLIER store

Exclusive sneakers at your fingertips

The shop itself is beautifully decorated and has a modern, industrial vibe. When you arrive at the store, the window is a clear eye-catcher. As soon as you enter you will see various clothes on hangers from the aforementioned and other brands on the left. On the right you see a beautiful collection of sneakers. In the back of the store there is room to view and try on the sneakers and clothing items. But that's not all! SNKR ATELIER also has an upper floor, where a number of more exclusive models and sale models can be found.

What makes SNKR ATELIER unique?

The thing that sets SNKR ATELIER apart from other sneaker stores is their ability to get their hands on exclusive shoes that are not available in other stores. They work with brands and distributors from all over the world to get the most coveted sneakers in their store. Their range is constantly changing, so it's worth visiting the store regularly to see what new heat they have.

Exclusive Sneakers in SNKR ATELIER store

Let SNKR ATELIER advise you

Still unsure? That's no problem. The employees of SNKR ATELIER are passionate about sneakers and have extensive knowledge of the products they sell. They are happy to help you find the perfect sneaker that suits you and give advice on how to best care for them.

Sneakerboxshop X SNKR ATELIER

Recently, SNKR ATELIER has been working together with Sneakerboxshop to offer their visitors another unique product: the sideways sneakerbox . Anyone who buys exclusive sneakers also wants to keep these sneakers safe! And how do you store sneakers safely? Right, in a sneaker box of course. The sneaker boxes are available at www.sneakerboxshop.eu or in the SNKR ATELIER store in Maastricht.

If you're a sneakerhead or just looking for something unique and special, SNKR ATELIER is the place to be. Their extensive collection of exclusive sneakers and up-and-coming brands make this store a must-visit for anyone who loves sneakers. Knowing more? Check out the SNKR ATELIER Instagram page and drop by if you're in South Limburg!

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