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  • Gian, eigenaar en oprichter Sneakerboxshop
  • I'm Gian Stevens, owner and founder of Sneakerboxshop.eu . Sneakerboxshop was founded in 2022 with the focus: giving sneakerheads a helping hand. Like any sneaker collector, I am always looking for new acquisitions. I prefer to keep those acquisitions safe, for example in the original shoe box. But that way you can't enjoy those gorgeous new sneakers. What now?

The idea

High quality sneaker display boxes at an affordable price. Shoe storage where you can safely store your sneakers, save space and can also take a beating. And that worked, in my webshop you will find the highest quality sneaker boxes in the Netherlands. Suitable for almost every sneaker, in every size. Protect your sneakers and choose a Sneakerbox from Sneakerboxshop.eu.

Why choose Sneakerboxshop.eu?

Quality is the most important thing to me. Your sneakers are not cheap, protect them with a quality sneaker box from Sneakerboxshop.eu. Our sneaker boxes are space-saving, ultra sturdy, stackable and suitable for almost any sneaker.

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Advantages of our sneaker boxes

Protects against dust, moisture and dirt

Almost every sneaker of every average size fits in our sneaker boxes. Not sure? View the dimensions of the sneaker box and decide for yourself whether your sneaker will fit. You can take into account the width, height and depth. In general, all Nike , Adidas and so on fit in our sneaker boxes.

Suitable for almost any size

Our sneaker boxes are made of sturdy and durable plastic and can take a beating. The sneaker box is not easily damaged, so it will last for years. Even if a sneaker box were to fall to the floor, the storage box protects your sneaker and remains intact thanks to the strong plastic panels.

Easy to assemble

There is no limit to stacking our sneaker boxes. You can safely stack them up to the ceiling. Place your least used and most valuable sneakers at the top of the stack for maximum display.

Infinitely stackable and combinable

Match the colors of your sneakers by combining multiple colors of sneaker boxes. All our sneaker boxes use the same stacking system, so you can easily combine the different sneaker boxes.

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