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Kicksafe® - Exclusively available at Sneakerboxshop!

Do you have an extensive sneaker collection, but little space and you can't get rid of all those sneakers? Then you might be looking for a Sneaker Box. With a Sneaker Box you can organize your sneakers easily and quickly, and you always have access to your favorite shoes.

We proudly sell the most premium, highest quality sneaker boxes and have chosen the Kicksafe® brand. Since 2022, has therefore been an official distributor of the brand, only available at Sneakerboxshop .

Kicksafe - Sneaker accessories since 2022

Kicksafe® is a brand that was founded in 2022. The mission? Providing every sneaker lover with quality accessories and aids around sneakers. Think of sneaker boxes to display your sneakers, but also cleaning sprays, protection and cleaning agents, laces and other accessories. In short, everything you need to take good care of your sneakers and keep your favorite grails clean for longer.

Why choose Kicksafe®?

You choose Kicksafe ® if you are looking for the highest quality Sneaker accessories. The founder of Kicksafe ® , Gian Stevens says: "What I want to achieve with this brand is to offer every sneaker lover an affordable solution of the highest possible quality. Sneakers are expensive enough, why pay too much for a premium Sneakerbox?" .

Kicksafe® Sneaker box

The product to which Kicksafe ® owes its existence, the Sneakerbox, also known as shoe storage. Looking for premium quality? Then you have come to the right place at Sneakerboxshop. Despite the fair prices, Kicksafe Sneakerboxes are made of ultra sturdy plastic that will last a long time.

Het says the following about the Kicksafe ® Sneakerbox: "... the ultimate solution for storing your sneakers and shoes is a Sneakerbox, for example from the Kicksafe® brand."

The real Kicksafe ® Sneakerbox is only available at Sneakerboxshop and , so look no further if you are looking for a storage box for your sneakers.

More products are still being added

At the moment Kicksafe ® is working hard to add more products. Searching for premium accessories is not easy. Do you have ideas or feedback? Do not hesitate and contact the distributor Sneakerboxshop.

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